3 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in Your Home

Solar panels on the roof of a home.

As our energy needs and use keep doubling every two decades, we are utilizing more sources of energy other than fossil fuels and electricity. North America is now embracing solar energy, and more homeowners are installing solar panels in their homes. Electrical contractors in the U.S. are now experiencing rising numbers of solar panel installation projects. As the demand for solar energy rises, more experienced electricians are seeking solar installation training and certifications.

The federal government has also created an enabling environment for solar energy by extending the solar tax credit up to 2021. This means that more people can afford the cost of solar installation for their residential projects. Additionally, the use of solar energy has also received support from the states of U.S., and progressive states such as California are passing laws that favor solar installation. A law passed by the state of California requires all new homes built from January 2020, to utilize solar energy and produce enough energy to end reliance on natural gas and electricity.

As more and more states accelerate their solar energy intake, it is not a question of if, but, when, solar energy will replace gas and electricity as the major sources of energy in the U.S. Even better, the cost of solar has reduced substantially, and more people can now afford the installation costs. In addition to that, technology has improved solar energy storage with more futuristic solar batteries with modern battery inverters being produced. The advancement in technology is not only making solar energy more sustainable for residential use but also for commercial uses. Improving storage solutions for solar energy marks a major milestone, as some households in less sunny areas were reluctant to utilize solar energy.

The following benefits of solar energy will encourage more homeowners to adopt solar energy.

1. Free Energy After Installation

Other than the costs of buying the installation equipment, solar panels, and paying a team of experienced electricians to install your solar system, there are no additional costs. Using solar energy means the end to the monthly or yearly energy utility bills as you do not have to pay for solar. However, the upfront cost of installation can be pricy to afford in one go. Luckily, you can utilize Solar PPA agreements, which are financing options that help you pay in installments the initial cost of solar installation. After paying off the installments, you will enjoy free solar energy for a lifetime, except when maybe you need to do repairs, usually after two decades.

2. Free From Energy Inflation and Other Market Dynamics

You will never have to worry about the constant inflation of energy prices as you are not reliant on a supplier or an energy company. You are also guaranteed of a never-ending supply of solar energy because according to NASA, the sun will continue shining for the next 6.5 billion years. Even when the weather is chilly, and the sun only comes out briefly, it will still generate enough energy for your use. The high capacity batteries installed by experienced electricians also store enough energy should the sun fail to come out. This ensures that you will not run out of energy, even during the rainy season.

3. Harvesting Solar Energy Poses Zero Harm to the Environment

Unlike other sources of energy which involve burning of fossil fuels, solar energy does not pollute the atmosphere. It is the best form of green energy because it does not involve drilling or burning fossil that emits large amounts of carbon in the environment. The process of producing solar energy is silent and, as such, does not lead to noise pollution. You can also harvest solar energy anywhere on earth without negatively affecting your surroundings, like trees and animals.

Solar energy is steadily becoming the main energy source for most people all around the globe. The easy and free access to solar energy is the main benefit of installing solar panels in your home. You only need to pay experienced electricians to install your solar panels, and then start enjoying free solar energy.