5 Electrical Projects a Commercial Electrician Can Help With

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As a business owner, you know how important a reliable electrical system is for your commercial space. When it’s time for an electrical upgrade or installation, you want a knowledgeable pro handling it. Local electricians have specialized expertise that comes in handy for all kinds of projects, including the following.

1. Wiring a New Building

Constructing a new commercial property? You’ll need the whole place outfitted with electrical wiring and components to power your operations. Local electricians can handle new building wiring tasks, like installing circuits, panels, outlets, and more based on your needs. They’ll make sure the system adheres to code and work closely with your construction crew and inspectors.

2. Lighting Retrofits

One impactful upgrade is a lighting retrofit. Swapping outdated lighting for new LED fixtures can drastically improve your space’s ambiance and efficiency. Commercial electricians can help design an optimal new lighting layout for your property using the latest options. They can install track lights, recessed lighting, security lights, and other commercial-grade fixtures.

3. Specialized Equipment

Do you need large specialty equipment installed like industrial machines, commercial ovens, heavy-duty pumps, or generators? Commercial electricians have experience with complex equipment and know how to integrate it properly into your existing system. Having them handle equipment installation prevents electrical issues down the road.

4. Service Upgrades

Does your building need expanded electrical service to handle more space or equipment? Your electrician can assess your current system and determine the best approach, whether it’s rewiring, upgrading your panel, or adding subpanels. In the United States, energy use is doubling every 20 years, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Local electricians will make sure your property has the power supply needed for current and future electrical demands.

5. Emergency Troubleshooting

Electrical problems happen even in the best systems. From flickering lights to faulty wiring and tripped breakers, commercial electricians can quickly diagnose issues and make repairs to keep operations running smoothly. They can find and fix problems before they escalate into major headaches.

For any major electrical project at your commercial property, turn to qualified local electricians. Their specialized training and experience with commercial electrical systems allows them to handle intricate projects safely and to code. Don’t take risks – let the experts tackle your next electrical upgrade or installation. If you need any commercial electrical work completed, give Volt Electric USA a call to learn how we can help.