6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Circuit

An electric power station with cables.

There are more than 45,000 electrical fires annually in the United States. These are caused by numerous electrical aspects, including old and worn out wiring. The aged and/or damaged wiring in your home can pose electrical hazards.

Apart from that, an overloaded circuit can also be hazardous. But how do you know it’s time to upgrade your home’s circuit. Here are six tell-tale signs.

1. When you Have an Aging Electrical Circuit
One of the first things you ought to check is the age of the electrical wiring. Homes between 30 and 40 years old will need new wiring if there has been no update since the first installation.

In the last 30 years, there have been many new regulations to keep your home safe from electrical fires. An aging circuit is bound to be problematic and could pose a hazard. Even if there is no visible sign of damage, consider consulting an Eaton certified electrical contractor to update your wiring.

2. When You Notice Constant Flickering of Lights
Flickering lights are often an indicator that there is something wrong with your electrical circuit. Start by checking if the bulb is secure in its socket.

If the lights are still flickering, an electrician can check your connections. You may need to update your wiring to match your electrical needs.

3. When You Are Using Too Many Extension Cords
Another sign there is an issue with your electrical wiring is if you find that you need too many extension cords. It often happens when there is a shortage of outlets to connect your devices. The extension can become overloaded and can pose a risk for your home.

If you notice any buzzing sounds or sparking of outlets, you may want to have an Eaton certified electrical contractor examine it. Too many devices on one extension can cause overheating and fire hazards.

4. When Your Circuit Breakers Trip Frequently
The circuit breakers in your home will cut off electricity when they detect one outlet is receiving too much power. The issue is commonplace for many houses, and you can solve it by removing the device.

However, the circuit breaker could be tripping for no apparent reason. That is often a sign that your electrical system needs an upgrade. An Eaton certified contractor can assess the circuit to eliminate the dangers your home’s wiring can pose.

5. When Your Home Has Aluminum Wiring Instead of Copper
Older homes have aluminum wiring, which conducts electricity sufficiently, but it is not as durable as copper. Aluminum is often prone to breakage, which results in loose connections. According to CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), it is 55 times more likely to cause fires than copper.

6. You’ve Done Extensive Renovations Recently
It is unlikely that you will conduct extensive renovations without affecting your home’s electrical circuit. A large-scale remodel may even require a complete rewiring of the building.

It is also advisable to organize an inspection of the circuit every five to 10 years. That way, you Eaton Certified electrical contractor can ascertain the wiring is complying with building regulations.

Time for an Electrical Circuit upgrade
Your home’s electrical circuit is essential for your safety and comfort. It can also determine the power efficiency of your home. So, whenever you detect an issue, it is best to consult an electrical contractor. An inspection can save your home from fires and losses. If you are looking to have some electrical work done, call Volt Electric USA. Our certified and experienced electricians are always ready and willing to help.