Dangerous Things You are Doing That Your Electrician Wants You to Stop

Wall socket

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes when it comes to home ownership. However, some of these mistakes could prove to be life threatening. Engaging in dangerous electrical habits could result in a electrical fire, leading to a structure fire. Eradicating unsafe electrical habits is one very important way to help prevent against electrical fires. Make sure your home’s electrical system is inspected by a professional electrician frequently to ensure that your electrical system is safe. This guide will identify unsafe electrical practices and how you can keep your home safer.

Using Loose Outlets

If an outlet is loose, consider it unusable. Unfortunately, many individuals and families continue to use loose outlets because they still pump through electricity. However, loose outlets are due to faulty materials inside the outlet. A loose outlet generally means that that blades inside that outlet are loose. The outlet may feel warm to the touch and this is because the outlet will begin generating a lot of heat. You are better off to not use loose outlets altogether.

Ignoring Exposed Wiring

Exposed wiring should always be dealt with and never ignored. It is easy to not think about wiring that you no longer have a use for. However, this can lead to dangerous consequences. This is especially true if you have wires exposed in the bathroom or in a location where there is moisture. This because water conducts electricity. If you happen to come into contact with these wires and you are wet, you could experience an electrical shock. While not always leading to death, shock can cause burns and damage to your nervous system.

Not Worrying About Lights That Flicker

Flickering lights are actually quite common, especially in older homes. In the majority of cases, the cause of the flickering is not a reason for concern. However, flickering lights can also be a warning sign for a dangerous underlying problem with your wiring. If you have already replaced the lightbulb and the light continues to flicker, it could be due to a wiring issue. In these instances, it is best if a professional residential electrician performs an inspection of your wiring system. Your electrical contractor can give you an electrical quote for inspecting your flickering lights.

Choosing Not to Check Old Wiring

Wiring, especially that in old homes, needs to be thoroughly inspected. If you have bought an old home to live in or to flip, you will need to have an electrician come in. Prepare to have electrical work done to the home, as old wiring can be a cause for concern and may lead to future dangerous issues. Your electrical contractor may need to completely rewire, or only partially rewire, your home’s electrical system. Although this may be costly, it will ensure that your home is safe and up to code.

Neglecting Their Wiring System

Your wiring system is one aspect of your home that will require inspection and maintenance. Neglecting your wiring system would mean that you do not get regular inspections and do not address issues that arise in your wiring system. It is essential that you get electrical issues rectified sooner rather than later, as they can potentially cause life threatening situations.

Energy use doubles in the United States every 20 years. That means there are lots of people utilizing electricity and with the utilization of electricity comes responsibility. If you notice a problem within your home, relating to your electrical system, call a professional electrical contractor. Their skills and expertise will allow them to quickly identify the issue and provide you with solutions.