How Are Electrical Systems Set Up in a Newly Constructed Property?

experienced electrical contractors

To the average person, experienced electrical contractors are something like magicians. They come to a newly built building and install miles of wires, outlets, and appliances, and disappear without a trace. How exactly do they approach this process? Electricians work through a complex installation process that keeps your building and your family safe from danger.

In-Depth Planning

No electrician walks into a new building and wings it. In fact, according to, an electrician must go through a 4-5-year apprenticeship before getting a job. That’s a lot of training, almost as much as a bachelor’s degree. However, this education prepares electricians for in-depth planning, including creating wiring diagrams for new buildings.

Licensing Requirements

Now that your experienced electrical contractors have set up their installation plan, what’s next? Do they just dive right in and start working? Not at all. Instead, they check all building and electrical licensing with electrical inspectors. Why go through all this trouble? Your electrician wants to check for any potential problems, such as faulty grounding, to keep you safe!

Side-by-Side Contracting

Once your licensing is ready, electrical contractors can start working. Often, they work side-by-side with building contractors, including drywall installers and general builders. However, others might install your wiring after the building is done. Every contractor approaches these steps differently, but don’t worry, because they all know what they’re doing.

Careful Testing

Okay, so your wires and outlets are now installed. Does your contractor simply demand a paycheck and head home? No, because first, they’ll check all your wiring for safety issues, such as frays or disconnections. You may just want to move into your house, but it’s important to slow down. Electrical tests protect you and your family and prevent fire risks. They’re worth the wait.


Don’t think your electrician’s job is over just yet! They can provide hands-on maintenance for your building to keep it strong. System repairs, wire upgrades, and other steps all keep your electricity safe.

The best and most experienced electrical contractors understand this process like the back of their hands. You can also expect hands-on maintenance, friendly faces, and true dedication to their work. So, are you ready to get started? Contact our team at Volt Electric USA today to set up a free inspection appointment.