The History of the Electrical Services

Electrician Installs A Ceiling Fan

Electricians are an important part of our workforce and the infrastructure of our communities. Most people, including electricians themselves, are not aware however of the interesting history of their work. Let’s take a quick look at the history of electrical work.

The Early Days

It’s hard to talk about electricity without mentioning Ben Franklin. Franklin was a researcher into electricity and some consider him to be the forefather of electricity. He did prove that lightning was electricity and that it had the power to travel. Italian scientist Luigi Galvani is credited with discovering information that led to the voltaic pile. His student Antonio Volta invented the electric battery.

Other important figures in the evolution of electricians include Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Tesla invented the use of rotating magnetic fields to create alternating currents and eventually refined and improved many of Edison’s inventions.

Although these are names that are pretty well known in the history of electrical work, one name that many people are not familiar with is Thomas Doolittle. He was a Connecticut mill worker who invented a way to make copper wire strong enough to be used for the electrical industry. In 1876 this replaced the use of iron wires. The introduction of copper wire revolutionized the electrician industry forever and is still used by electricians today. The experts at cite that electrical science grew rapidly during the 1800s.

The Electrical Profession

When innovations take place they are often followed by the advent of entirely new professions. This is one of the most exciting things about innovation and invention. It wasn’t until after the invention of light bulbs and the widespread use of these inventions in homes that it became necessary for electricians to be trained and hired for these types of jobs. Many people didn’t realize how dangerous electricity could be, and for many years it was common for people to get injured or even killed by interacting with electricity on their own or trying to install things in their own homes.

As more communities instituted rules and regulations for electrical work, more and more people sought out training for such jobs. This was the advent of the electrical profession. Today, electricians are an important part of the operations and safety of our homes and communities. If you are looking for quality electrical contractors in Asheville, NC, contact us today!