The Dangers of Ignoring Electrical System Issues

electrical wiring

Electricity powers so many parts of our lives, but it can be very dangerous. Arcing faults have caused more than 28,000 fires a year in America, with numerous injuries and fatalities. These fires are expensive, too, with $700 million in property damage, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore electrical system issues, especially with electrical wiring.

Lights that Flicker or Dim

This can indicate that there is an electrical overload or that there’s a loose connection. While this can also happen before a power outage, it’s important not to ignore it, since it can lead to an accident.

You See Sparks From Outlets or Electric Cords

Not only could these sparks wind up setting something on fire, but you could also wind up being shocked or worse if the spark hits you. You need to be on the lookout for burning smells, which could mean that your electrical wiring is getting too hot. Don’t hesitate to contact an electrician and exit the house.

Your Outlets Are Cracked or Damaged

It’s important that your outlets are completely solid since cracked ones can emit electric shocks or even set things on fire in your home. An outlet that is hot to the touch is also something to be wary of. Have an electrician come to repair or replace the damaged outlet.

Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Getting Tripped

If this happens once in a great while, then you’re probably safe, but if it keeps occurring, you need to have an electrician come take a look at it. The reason behind a breaker constantly tripping can result in further electrical issues.

Your Electrical Cord is Hot

This means that something is happening inside the wiring. Don’t keep the cord plugged in, since it is now a fire hazard. You might be able to have the cord repaired or you might have to replace the entire appliance. It’s better than having to repair fire damage.

Things can quickly go wrong if an electrical issue is ignored for too long. Always check to see if there are any exposed wires or anything else that might be unsafe. Be sure to have the place inspected if it’s an older house. If you’re careful, then you’ll be able to live safely in your home for a long time. Do you need to have your electrical wiring inspected? Contact us today to have a technician come take a look!